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Pupil premium




Financial Year

Allocation £












    • Parental participation
    • Access to holiday playschemes
    • Access to after school clubs
    • Access to residential trips
    • Specialist training for parents/carers at school by school staff
    • 1:1 Support for families providing advice, modelling of strategies, sleep counselling and behaviour support
    • Additional Midday Assistants to support play development
    • Additional class based staff support to support personal, social and academic outcomes
    • Support to purchase school uniform
    • Individual items required by pupils to enable their equal access to resources

      The money is allocated to support pupils who are eligible for free school meals or are ‘looked after’.  The aim of pupil premium is to raise achievement and improve outcomes for pupils.

      In our context as a special school where the barriers to pupils’ learning are much more complex and profound than socio-economic factors, we felt that this funding was most appropriately used by focusing on enabling pupils to access opportunities beyond their normal experiences, developing their independence and promoting their self esteem.

      The significant impact on a family living with a child with complex needs is well documented, so by employing Parent Support Advisors (PSA) with expertise families have been able to access a wide range of support which in turn impacts on the child’s wellbeing and outcomes.

      As a school we have focussed our premium on facilitating and extending:

    The aim of this support is to develop and extend pupils’ self esteem and confidence as well as giving opportunities to develop social and leisure skills in a structured specialist environment.  We know through parent meetings, questionnaires and pupil meetings that many of our families struggle to understand their child’s needs and how to support them and are unable to access mainstream extended schools provision.

    The support offered to individual families by the Parent Support Advisor has meant that families are more aware of services and financial support that they can access, feel supported when managing stressful situations, and have developed a positive and trusting relationship with a key member of staff. 

    The development and extension of our parent workshops  and meetings has impacted significantly on parents confidence in managing their child’s complex needs, given opportunities for socialising with other parents and sharing ideas.  There has been a wide range of services including feeding support, understanding autism, stay and play, Maths, English and early years reading support. 

    Data Evaluation


    Pupil Premium Spent on the following

    Amount £

    Parent Support Advisor salary


    Playscheme Subsidy for children with FSM


    After School Clubs Subsidy for children with FSM entitlement


    School Trips Subsidy for children with FSM entitlement


    Support Groups and Training for parents with FSM entitlement

    no cost as delivered against parent support advisor

    Additional Midday Assistants


    Additional Classroom support


    Finacial subsidies (uniform & resources)







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