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Parent training

Training for parents


We offer a variety of workshops and informal support groups for parents which are open to parents of

children at Hatton School.

For current workshops on offer please click here and look for the workshops on offer to parents.

These have included workshops on storytelling, use if Ipads and Ipods, Reading skills, Play skills, Picture

exchange communication system (PECS), Sensory needs, Toilet training and visual support to aid communication.

We also run a range if informal coffee mornings which have particular themes. Details of all coffee mornings and workshops will be advertised on this website.

In addition to this we also have a range of accredited training for parents. This includes-:

NAS Early Bird Plus

Early Bird Plus is a ten week training programme involving eight group sessions and two home visits.

This programme is open to families of children between the ages of four and eight with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. Three places are allocated to each family: two for parents/carers and one for a professional who is currently working with their child.

The eight group sessions are held at Hatton School each week and the sessions last for two and a half hours.

The programme is run by teachers from Hatton School who have had training to run the programme at the National Autistic Society Early Bird centre in South Yorkshire.

The aims of the programme are-:

  • To empower parents /Carers
  • To encourage a consistent approach between home and school

The early Bird Approach will help parents to understand their child’s autism and improve communication. It will also help in developing strategies to pre-empt problem behaviours and manage those that occur.

Hatton School currently offer one Early Bird Course a year for six families


Autism Seminars for Families

Autism Seminars for Families offer a more flexible alternative to Early Bird.

This series of seminars is based on the highly successful help! Programme that was developed by the NAS in 2002. The programme is suitable for parents of children with Autism up to the age of 16.

Hatton School & Special Needs Centre currently offers this programme for children up to the age of 11.

The programme consists of 5 seminars which are each delivered over a day from 9.30 – 2.00 at Hatton School.

Seminar tiles are -:

  • Understanding Autism
  • Managing Anger
  • Sensory Needs
  • Understanding Behaviour
  • Supporting Siblings

Through information presented in the Autism Seminars for families, we aim to increase parents’ knowledge and understanding giving them the opportunity to apply this to their own child and share their experiences with other families.

Seminars are offered regularly throughout the year and parents who attend the first seminar on Understanding Autism then have the opportunity to meet again for the further seminars.


Sleep Scotland Counselling

Sleep Scotland is a charity promoting healthy sleep in children and young adults through education, sleep counselling and sleep awareness. We have two sleep counsellors at Hatton who have been trained by sleep and are available for support.  They also run a workshop once a year.




Makaton is a sign language to support speech and has been used at Hatton

successfully for many years. 

Makaton Workshops are offered throughout the year depending on the amount of interest expressed by parents. There have also been opportunities to learn Makaton at parents evenings and coffee mornings.


The 5P Approach

The 5P Approach uses the distinctive GREEN, AMBER & RED traffic light colours to distinguish between levels of behaviour and places the emphasis on using different strategies at the different levels. The 5P Approach promotes establishing good foundations (a GREEN zone), creating an approach and environment which meets individuals' needs and where behaviour issues are at a minimum. This is about finding out why your child behaves in certain ways, understanding what factors influence their behaviour and identifying any early warning signs (AMBER) that indicate that challenging behaviours may be developing. This forms the basis of developing a preventative and positive behaviour intervention plan (PIP) for your child which includes supporting them to learn new skills. The 5P Approach provides a 5 step framework to help with this process.

At Hatton School we offer taster sessions introducing the 5P Approach and help parents to put practical strategies in at home to reduce challenging behaviour. For more information, go to or ask the school for training dates.

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