PROUD of The Hatton Way; Learning, Growing, Achieving Together


The school uniform is optional and consists of the following items:


Dark grey trousers - can be purchased anywhere

Plain white polo shirt - can be purchased anywhere


In addition the school office also sell:



Hatton School zipped fleece with logo        Price £12.50 - £13.50 (varies on size)



Hatton School sweatshirt with logo              Price £10.00 - £12.00 (varies on size) 

                                                                                                                                 from school office


Hatton School baseball cap                         Price £4.50


 Hatton School backpack with logo              Price £5.00


Hatton School book bag with logo                Price £4.50


If you would like to order any of the school logo items please          click here to print an order form and send in to the school office with payment.


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