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Referral routes

We support pupils who have Statements of Special Educational Needs and also take direct referrals from Mainstream Primary Schools for pupils at SEN Support who have Complex Needs.

Statements of Special Educational Needs are issued by the Children’s Service Authority after a period of assessment. These outline the areas of need, learning objectives, appropriate strategies and support levels.

Statements will specify different levels of Outreach support. They may indicate Advice and Monitoring or varying amounts of specialist teacher hours per term.

Once a final Statement of Special Educational Needs is issued, a Hatton Outreach Teacher will be allocated by the Head of Service to provide the support that is specified.

Mainstream primary schools can also make direct referrals for children at School Action Plus who have more complex needs.

Direct referral forms can be downloaded from the Redbridge SEN and Inclusion website.

Please click here to open a link to the Direct Referral Form.


Following a receipt of a Direct Referral, an initial visit will be made to the school by the Head of Service and the next steps will be discussed and agreed.

The nature of the support will be agreed in relation to the needs of the pupil.

Outreach support can vary according to the needs of individual pupils and schools.

Services may include:-

  • Training for school staff
  • Facilitated visits for staff and pupils to specialist provisions
  • Collaborative work and projects with mainstream schools/inclusion links
  • General advice on resources and strategies
  • Training on specialist interventions
  • Joint planning/advice on differentiated provision to meet individual needs
  • Modelling of techniques and strategies
  • Focused training based on individual pupil needs
  • Short term or ongoing support at Individual or group level
  • Whole class input, e.g. Circle of Friends
  • Consultation and monitoring
  • Individual Assessment
  • Attendance and advice for Annual Reviews and Progress Meetings
  • Contribution to Individual Education Plans
  • Liaison with parents and outside agencies
  • Support with transition
  • Parent workshops.
  • Problem solving
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