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What is Hatton Outreach Service?

Hatton Outreach Service is a specialist support and consultancy service delivered by Hatton School and Special Needs Centre. It promotes and facilitates the inclusion of children with a wide range of learning needs within mainstream primary schools in the London Borough of Redbridge.

We are committed to meeting the individual needs of children, in a collaborative partnership with parents, other professionals, the schools and children themselves.

Our service is composed of a team of teachers and support staff who have specialist knowledge across a wide range of Special Educational Needs.


What are our aims?

  • To provide a responsive service which will enable mainstream schools to effectively include children with Special Educational Needs,
  • To work in partnership with school staff, children, parents/carers and other outside agencies involved, ensuring a coordinated approach,
  • To support children in making progress and reaching their potential,
  • To develop staff knowledge and confidence to meet a range of needs.


Who do we work with?

We work with pupils who have a range of language, social and learning needs in Primary Schools within the London Borough of Redbridge. Some pupils will have Statements of Special Educational Needs while others are at SEN Support. We can be named on statements through Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Direct referrals can be made for pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 ( This can include pupils at the end of their Reception year)

Please click here to learn how referrals are made to Hatton Outreach Service


How do we work?

Outreach support will vary according to the needs of individual pupils and schools.

We have strong partnerships with schools, families and other professionals.

Support can incorporate a number of elements including advice and consultation, training, joint planning, modelling of techniques and strategies, assessment and individual or small group work.

We also facilitate inclusion projects at Hatton and provide opportunities for staff from mainstream schools to visit the school.

For further information and details about Hatton Outreach Service working practices  and the range of our support, please click here to open our Partnership Agreement, Information Booklet for Schools and Information Booklet for Parents.


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