PROUD of The Hatton Way; Learning, Growing, Achieving Together

Teaching School Alliance


The schools and institutions which have come together to form the Seven Kings Teaching School Alliance have high aspirations and shared values who believe that collectively, learning together, we are stronger.  As an alliance of learning communities we trust in each other to challenge and support each other; we are relentless in our pursuit to ensure outstanding outcomes for all our students and to nurture a culture of a love of learning.  As an alliance we commit to leading innovative networks, building capacity through a belief that all teachers are leaders and can improve and succeed so that all of our students and the wider community we serve have access to the very best education.  The learning and teaching within the alliance will be informed by our best practice honed by the latest educational research.  Colleagues across the country will look to us as a centre of excellence for leadership in education; furthermore, we believe there is a moral imperative for us as a community of learners to influence education nationally in order to develop a system which will provide every child with teh very best education.

We commit to upholding these values and ensuring the agreed structures and systems are adhered to in order to achieve such outstanding outcomes; as individual schools and institutions we will contribute to and benefit from our memebership of the alliance.

We will commit to:

  • sending a representative to the half termly meetings
  • sending a representative to any cluster group
  • contributing to and sharing alliance projects and initiatives
  • sharing teh data which will lead the practice of the alliance for the year
  • hosting a meeting and sharing the best practices within our schools
  • participating in peer to peer support and collaboration
  • proposing new members to the alliance whom it is felt share our ethos; have an expertise to offer the alliance and  would benefit from the expertise within the alliance.